Harassment and 9 other annoying things Nigerian police always do (Photos)

Policemen are being paid to secure lives and maintain order in the society but on the contrary, you see these men involved in other incriminating activities.
The profession in Nigeria has become so relegated among parents that they will never encourage their children/ ward to become policemen. They indulge in bribery, fraudulent acts, and exhortation of the citizens. They are like nightmare to the people.
Here are 10 annoying habits you can relate to a Nigerian police.
1. Bribe collectors

Police indulge in bribery and corruption
Nigerian police have gotten the reputation of bribe collectors. If you don’t want to stay in their custody they give you option of bribe. In their term it is called settlement not bribe because they are only rendering help to you.
2. They cause traffic jam on roads

Police check point
Nigerian police can also add to the traffic when they mount road blocks. They tend to delay those who are not willing to settle them. Most commercial drivers would rather settle these policemen than waste time because they would always find a reason to delay you if you refuse to give them money.

3. Unprofessional behaviour
Policemen fighting in public
The way some Nigerian police behave in public will leave you to wonder if they were ever trained on their job at all. You get to see some of them jumping into moving commercial vehicles. Such characters they exhibit in public has earned them names like uniformed touts from most eyewitnesses.

4. They are habitual drinkers

It is unethical for any uniformed man to drink or smoke while on duty or wearing their uniform. Unfortunately most Nigerian police must have forgotten this laid down rule because you get to see some of them in their uniform unwinding at joints (bar).

5. They are law breakers
It is only a Nigerian police that can ask if your vehicle inner light is in good shape when they themselves are guilty of same offence. Have you come across some Nigeria police patrol and you are like what the hell is this? Most of these vehicles are usually not in good shape due to their rough driving.

6. They are bad drivers

Nigerian police too shouldn’t be above the law when it comes to the test for road worthiness. They are not good users of the road at all. They drive recklessly most of the time you come across them on the road.
7. Poor use of sirens

Whether on assignment on not, anytime Nigerian police is plying the road they must use a siren. They don’t care if the sound is consisting nuisance to the public, they believe is a way to notify the people of their presence.
8. Poor security surveillance

Sea robbers in Nigeria
Every Nigerian police will always say they are friends of the citizens but this is ironically in most cases. When there is robbery and you call them they tend to arrive late and if you decide not to call them at all they blame you for not calling. They are never there when you need them.

9. They harass innocent citizens

Police harass man in the public
Even when a Nigerian police knows you are innocent, they still harass you. They always have this notion that their position is to oppress instead of protecting citizens. These policemen could publicly harass a citizen and you wonder if they were ever trained at all.

10. Their presence create fear

The sight of police scare Nigerians
Generally, the presence of a policeman should assure sense of security but in Nigeria, people basically try to avoid anything with police. You can imagine the stress of going to the police station to make a statement on your stolen property

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