[News] Tonto Dikeh Confirms Marriage Break Up? | See Details

Actor Uche Maduagwu took to his instagram
page to write about how some men were
fortunate to marry good women but instead
they turned them to objects and toys, narrating
what marriage should truly be. Tonto Dikeh's
husband's photo was also among photos of
men used and the actress commented under
the post with 'God bless you'. See it Below.
Then Uche replied her…

"Why is it that some people are
enemies of happiness? Why do
people treat good women like
Objects and toys? I guess it's true that some people do not know the worth of what they have until they loose it.
When a woman
gives you all her heart, time,
affection and life and all she ask
of you is simple loyalty, yet you
can't guarantee her that, then it
shows something is definitely
wrong somewhere.

We all know that every marriage
has its own ups and downs, but
that's why a good woman is
married to a noble man, a man
that should be matured enough
to stir the ship of his marriage
away from the storms of life.

When a man begins to hit a
woman he calls his wife, avoid
her, treat her like an ordinary
person or even doesn't create
enough time for her then that
man is worse than an infedel.

Even if you don't appreciate the
woman you got married to,
before walking away from that
sacred institution of marriage,
can't you for a second think
about the child you are leaving
behind? That child deserves a
father figure in his life, he needs
a mentor, he needs someone he
can tell stuffs that his mother
won't understand. Back then, our
mother's and fathers lived
together not because everything
was fine or rosy, but because
they took into consideration the
children they had, but what we
have now are father's who are so
much in a hurry to walk out of a
marriage especially when its not
going well.

Nobody said marriage is a paradise on earth, of course
it comes with its own problems,
but what makes us great is our
ability to overcome them on a
daily basis… You verbally
assault your wife and yet , you
expect her to be loyal. You take
all of her kindness for weakness
and still expect her to respect
you. You don't call her, text her
or even return her calls and for
some reason still expect her to
welcome you with an open arms.
I have seen men of honor, men
who have stayed for years with
their wife and kids. Men who are
so matured that they don't joke
with their woman, in fact, they
would rather abandon other
activities just to be there for
their family. But I know this
2017, God is really going to
punish some fake husband's.
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