Aftermath Of Falz’s Song “Weh Don Sir”, Lagos Churches Cries Out Over Poor Tithe Incomes (Read What He Said)

The country is going through hell currently and Nigerians are going through a lot just to survive. Yet, we still attend churches & mosques hoping to God to bless our Work and get good income.
Believe me, Nigeria’s Religious leaders are balling, flying private jet and driving exotic cars while 90% of their members are languishing in poverty but it seems thats about to end.
Falz just opened our eyes with his new song titled “Weh Don Sir“. Nigerians took that song personal and now the Pastors are complaining bitterly. We just pray they don’t get Falz locked up 😜😜 – Dem no even fit.
In the Song, Falz explained how Nigerian pastors are flying around the world with their Family all getting robust and fresh while their church members are praying and hoping to God for just One square meal daily.
See the Lyrics Falz used in his new song below:-
Do you think this is enough reason to stop you from dropping good amount of money as offering & tithe?
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