Lmao! Popular MMM Musician Gives Up, Does A Remix Of His Studio Work [Watch Video]

After MMM announced it is back for business this year, after accounts in the ponzi scheme was frozen for almost a month, comedian and comic singer, Kelvinsapp, did a song video for the scheme, which he posted on his Instagram page.
Anyway, the singer has done a remix of his song where he was complaining of the current situation of MMM. He said:
“Father Help me! Jesus help me. #mmm eh. What Ave u done ewo!!! Ebube!!! #mmm what u Ave done ewo!!
“My landlord eh is back again. I thought he was gone eh. My house rent eh is over due ewo. All my GH o jes dey vanish o
“#mmm neh Meh wili wili oh. #mmm eh what Ave u done ewo.”
Watch the video below:


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