Question Of The Day:- “If Asked To Mention Just 1 Thing Buhari Should Do To Change The History Of Nigeria For Good, What Would It Be”?

During the campaign period, President Buhari promised Nigerians heaven and earth.. Fast forward to 1 year after, 95% of Nigerians have given up on him totally.
The insults Buhari has received from Nigerians in just one year has exceeded what Goodluck Jonathan and his wife Patience Jonathan received when summed up in 4 years.
Everything looks so hopeless and unachievable in the country right now. The Economy is seriously bleeding, Businesses are folding up everyday, Naira to Dollar is a killer disease that has wasted so many Nigerians.
If we continue listing all what has gone from bad to worst ever since the Buhari Administration came into power, I bet we might need to collect over 8000+ Extra sheet. The summary of this is quite easy to pronounce – Buhari has Failed Totally.
Lets just forget Buhari and put our hope in GOD for divine intervention.
Over to our Question, If you have the privilege to tell Buhari just 1 thing to do and it will come to past with immediate effect, What Would That Be?
NOTE:- You will forgive him of all the Flaws, Problems & Tribulation he has pushed the country into if he does that 1 thing.
BE Sincere – What Would That 1 Thing Be?
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