KL Jokes: How Igbo People Make Advert At Grave Yard

I was walking past a grave yard and

I was reading some of the writings carved on the grave stone.
A Yoruba woman's own read:
''Mrs. Opeyemi died in a terrible car accident.
An Hausa man's own read,
"Alhaji Danguda died while crossing the sahara desert.
I was shocked to read an Igbo man's own which read,
"Chief Okoro 1 of Njaba and 2 of Mgbenafo
died when a container fell on him
while shifting his goods from Apapa Whorf.
He is survived by a wife and two children who presently manage his electronic shop
where you can buy your
TV sets,
DVD sets,
Fridges and
air conditioners
at slightly lower prices.
For more enquiries call 081334457*3

But shey na Advert #lolsssssss

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