KL Today Jokes; What is Buhari regime turning this country into??

What is Buhari regime turning this country into??
I did MC to a marriage ceremony&dis was d conversation between me&d groom:
ME:Bros,which hall we go use na??
GROOM:guy u funny o.for dis buhari regime?..i no get money for dat one o..we go use ugborikoko school compound
ME:ok u don arrange for canopy?
GROOM:u nor hear wetin i talk?.money nor dey.even d chair wey i rent sef,na manage
ME:what if rain fall on dat day?
GROOM:nor worry urself!!my people don hold rain..rain nor fit fall on dat day.
ME:ok o until then!
On that day,as soon as i took d mic to utter a word.. # trust naija witches.
Heavy rain accompanied with breeze blew off all the chairs,everybody ran into d school.I ran into one class.All of a sudden,somebody touched me..it was d groom.
GROOM:"where is my wife??
ME:"ur wife is in primary 1A
-ur grooms men hide for Daycare
-Aso ebi girls dey skul clinic
he said..what of my parents??..
Me:"dem dey skul toilet"
As we were talking..some children passed&were hawking the wedding cake.
The groom fainted

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