Photos:- Meet The 6 Richest Celebrity Kids In Nigeria – You Wont Believe Who The No. 1 Is (See)

Many young Nigerian kids are doing well today doing what they know how to do best and making their Parents proud.
Naijaloaded, Nigeria’s No. 1 Website compiled the list of the 6 Richest Celebrity Kids in Nigeria.. Check them out.
Here is a List of the 6 Richest Kid Celebrities In Nigeria.
6. Marylove Edwards

Born: March 18,2005, she has been involed in many competitions and gotten brand endorsements from some reputable companies. She is said to be the leading kid-sport person in Nigeria and the Federal Government is heavily concerned in her growth.
Profession: Tennis player
5. Ify Ufele

Born: 2006, she is said to be Nigeria’s youngest ever fashion designer. She started making/designing clothes at a tender age of 7.
Profession: Designer
4. DJ Young Money
Born: 2007, this 10 year old has been involved in many mixes and public events. Covering events like high fly comedy shows. Not only that, he gets paid well! Talk about passion for bucks, right?
Profession: DJ
3. Ozzybosco
Born: January 7, 2007, who hasn’t heard of OB? OzzyBosco?? The Nigerian wonder? OzzyBosco has featured a lot of A-List Nigerian musicians in his tracks, yes! a lot. He is also a brand ambassador for some organisations and we hear, he is paid handsomely.
Profession: Musician
2. Amarachi Uyanne
Born: July 17, 2004, she came into limelight few years back, let’s say 5 years to be precise, after emmerging as Nigeria’s youngest ever Talent Show winner in ”Nigeria’s got Talent’. Since then, she has been a high flying, going for shows, walking the runways and getting paid. She is mentored by Nigeria’s finest, Kaffy.
Profession: Dancer
1. Emmanuella
Oh Emmanuella, Emmanuella, Emmanuella, do we really need to talk about this 6 years old?? Her story is indeed inspirational. If you really want to know about her story, Just check online and see it.
Profession: Comedian
Keep Striving and stay Bless.

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