Wawu!! Iyanya Reveals Details Of His First Night With Yvonne Nelson

Nigerian singer, Iyanya has obviously not gotten over his ex, actress Yvonne Nelson even 5 years after their much publicized break up.
In a recent interview, the singer as usual let the cat out of the bag speaking about how much he misses spending time with Yvonne as well as his regrets and what he misses most about her.
In his words, “…we broke up because we hardly had time for each other. I was hustling and I would do four shows in a day and I will make two million. So, I won’t say because I was in love with a woman I’m going to see money and I’m going to lay back.”
Speaking further on why he was yet to get over her, Iyanya as gathered by NAIJ.com said, “It’s not easy losing a great and beautiful woman like Yvonne. She was everything I have at that moment until I lose her… Life was miserable for me after the break up but life goes on.”
He also revealed details of his first love-making session with Yvonne when he was asked what he missed about her.
“Like our first day in bed. . . She was like ‘Oh Yeah baby, I really love it’ and her late night and early morning messages and calls. I miss everything about her.”

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