Be Honest: What Would You Do With The N25M Prize? If You Were EFE Of BBNaija,

The much interesting Bigbrother Naija eventually came to an end yesterday as the choice of the fans. EFE declared winner as he cleared over 50% of the votes from fans.

Few years ago, If someone had already told EFE he would be come a millionaire and a celebrity sooner, he would have laughed out the person and name such person a day dreamer.

Well, that is how God works and His grace will soon shine on everyone of us. There are many of you whose story will also change for good within the shortest period of time also.

So let us have a quick fun. If eventually you find a sudden breakthrough just like EFE and you are blessed with 25 million Naira. What would you do with the money? Don’t lose the hope, it might be your turn to shine. So be honest and drop your comments below.

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