Leicester City Fans Sentenced For Fighting At Champions League Match With Atletico Madrid

Eight Leicester City fans have been given suspended prison sentences for their part in brawls after their Champions League match with Atletico Madrid.

The supporters who were not identified were each given four month suspended sentences. Among them were a father and son. A plea deal was reached between their defence lawyers and the state prosecutor when they appeared in court after spending 36 hours in police custody.

They arrived at court still nursing injuries sustained during clashes with riot police in Madrid’s picturesque Plaza Mayor square. They were warned that if they did not accept the terms agreed between the lawyers they could face a long wait in jail on remand before a full trial.

The prosecutor had originally intended to ask for at least two of those arrested to be imprisoned for up to three years if convicted of inflicting injuries. Instead the judge handed down the agreed sentence of four months, suspended for two years.


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