There’ll Always Be Issues Between Us - Saraki says to Buhari:

Senate President Bukola Saraki on Monday met with President Muhammadu Buhari at the State House in Abuja, declaring there would always be issues over one or two things between the Senate and the executive.
Addressing State House journalists after the meeting, Saraki said a reconciliatory committee set up by Buhari last week was a good development.
The Senate President said, “Good development! But like I said, there will always be issues on one or two things. It doesn’t mean that is the foundation of it.
“When you have an arm of government that has to do with confirmation there will always be (issues). For example, the NDDC Bill we rejected three people from the NDDC, we keep on moving.
“We are all part of one government, that is why despite all these, still major decisions are taken. Like I said, we did a critical amendment on INEC by Tuesday or Wednesday for the first time in the history of the legislature.
“We are going to lay a report on the PIB for consideration. It has never happened. For the past 20 years, it has not gotten to this stage. So, it’s work in progress for the interest of Nigeria.
“Don’t let us get distracted by one or two infractions, it’s bound to happen. Even America that we are copying, even today as we are watching, see what is happening in the Supreme Court. These are things that happen on the part of democracy.
“But I can reassure Nigerians that it is just a drop in the ocean, it is not an issue that should stir the whole nation, be rest assured”
Saraki however described the relationship between the legislature and the executive as cordial.
“It is cordial, you cannot examine it based on NDDC, based on EFCC. We have other issues, we have ministerial that we are going to be working on. We have the budget that is more important, we have INEC, PIB. We have so many important things, and I think it is a mixture of all that should guide us. Don’t let us over heat on some of these issues,” he said.
Saraki promised that the 2017 budget would be passed very soon, saying “We are working on it, just to let the president know how far we have gone with it, we are on course.
“As you note. last week, we did ask all the subcommittees to submit their reports to appropriation. All that has been done now, it’s now collation and review. Then, hopefully, it will be passed very soon”


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