WHO CAN RELATE ? 10 Things That Happened During 2017 UTME Examination

Just like joke, 2017 jamb commenced, almost all candidates have seen their results, some with higher grades which is 201 to 400, some with average points which is 180 to 200 and some with lower grades which is below 180 lol.

However, 2017 UTME examination was full of fun, controversies, funny but critical conditions, let’s review 10 things that happened during 2017 UTME examination

1. Candidates unable to generate pin during registrations, this caused a lot of chaos at some CBT centers which resulted into candidates exchanging dirty words or exchanging blows, in some states candidates beat the hell out of security officers, it’s quite funny when seeing photos of Jambites at cbt centers unable to generate pin.

2. Exam slip re-print, though its funny, its still under critical conditions, JAMB had earlier promised candidates that they will receive their examination slip through their email, it failed due to how slow jamb was, candidates started running to cbt centers to re-print their slip, if you are there you will witness so many situations that will make you want to crack your ribs..

3. Jambites who sat for their exam on the first day were unable to check their results till tuesday, some them were already panicking, if you get close to those candidates, you will see how funny they look.

4. Jambites scheduled to sit for their exam at LAUTECH ogbomoso were unable to sit for their exam due to lautech strike, some of them were chased out of the CBT center, their appearance alone will make you laugh out loud, but under such conditions you will pity them..

5. CBT center in lagos shut down systems before the actual ending period of exam, the invigilators at the CBT center told candidates to go home. One of the candidates said she was the last person on roll, she just typed her Registration number when the systems were shut down..

6. Candidate brought gun to the examination venue, this quite funny, is he going for war or for an exam? gun at the examination hall, the candidate just forfeited his right to sit for the exam, too bad..

7. Jamb deduct 100marks from candidates score, if you read the message that was sent from jamb to candidates, it looks like it’s fraud because there were too many errors in the text message, though it indicated that jamb was the sender, on seeing this, candidates started panicking, jamb later debunked the rumor..

8. 11 people arrested for trying to hack jamb’s portal in order to copy questions, solve it and use the same portal to upload answers through their client’s registration number. Their clients/candidates on getting to the exam hall, they will type their registration number, the answers will be uploaded already, they will just have to review their work and submit without doing any thing at the center, but the hackers failed, though they were not the only ones doing it.

9. Jamb to add extra 40 marks to candidates scores, candidates that failed 2017 jamb tried to give themselves hope by circulating fake news of extra 40 marks, jamb later debunked the rumor, some of them started crying..

10. Candidates who scored below 180 started hoping for miracles, those candidates were also looking for schools that will accept their score. Imagine, someone who scored 110 in jamb asking which school will accept that kind of result or which course he can study with that score, you can just tell the person to go for SUNDAY SCHOOL and study NATIVE DOCTORS.

Abi? na only God fit accept us no matter how poor and dumb we are…

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